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Janice Stargardt

Janice Stargardt, M.A. D. Let.

Cambridge Quaternary
Department of Geography
University of Cambridge
Downing Place
Cambridge CB2 3EN
England, UK

Phone +44 1223 766585
Fax +44 1223 333392

Current Positions

Janice Stargardt is Affiliated Lecturer, PACSEA Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Geography . and Fellow of Sidney Sussex College , where she directs the Cambridge Project on Ancient Civilization in South East Asia.

She is concurrently,
 *Foreign Professor (for life) at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes IV, at the Sorbonne, Paris (1976),
 *Member of the Management Committee of the Asian Studies Centre, St Antony's College, University of Oxford (since 1983)
 *Editor Publications on Ancient Civilization in South East Asia, Cambridge (since 1989)
 *Consultant to UNESCO and the British Council in India, Thailand, Burma and Indonesia
 *Visiting Professor at universities in the UK and Europe, South East Asia and Japan
 *External Examiner at the University of Leiden

Research Interests and

Current Projects

Her research interests embrace the evolution of the Quaternary environment in South and South East Asia, the development of human societies and
cultures, and the interactions between societies and specific environments.

A particular focus of her research is the Kra Ecotone in South Thailand. She is working on the Holocene geological evolution of the East coast plain with Dr Phil Gibbard , Head of the Quaternary Palaeoenvironments Group, Prof. Choathip Purintavaragul of Prince of Songkla University [PSU] and Dr R. Morley (Palynova Ltd). This is a central location in the South China Sea area and is producing data of regional importance on the dates of the stabilization of the terrestrial
environment, the stratigraphic sequences involved (Fig.1), and associated sea and lake-level changes. The work has been supported by the University of Cambridge, the Natural and Environment Research Council of the U.K. and PSU.

Concurrently, she is studying holocene continuities and changes in the floral cover of the Kra Ecotone - upland and lowland - with Dr Tim Whitmore (Department of Geography), and Professors Puangpen Sirirugsa and Choathip Purintavaragul. Biologically, the ecotone (as defined by Whitmore) is the zone of transition between the wet evergreen rainforests of West Malaysia and the semi-evergreen forests of peninsular Thailand and Burma [Myanmar]. This work is being supported by the Royal Society through its Tropical Rainforests Research and its "cutting edge science" programmes.

A feature of current research is completing inventories of the economic plants in and around the Great Songkhla Lakes and in the upland rainforests. Some key elements of rainforest vegetation are present from the beginning of stable terrestrial conditions at c. 6900 BP. Trees with aromatic wood/bark, resins and resinous crystals generated a very high-value luxury trade in incense between South Thailand, India/Sri Lanka and the eastern Roman Empire for some 2,000 years and between South Thailand and China for over 1,000 years. This is reflected in changes in the density and distribution of ancient settlements around the Great Lakes
and on the Satingpra Peninsula, as well as in the construction of navigable canals on the Isthmus (from c. the 6th to 13th century AD) to facilitate trade between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. The ancient capital city, ports, canals, monuments and industrial sites have been selectively excavated as part of this interdisciplinary research programme.

Janice also has long-term research interests in Central Burma, South-East India and Sri Lanka, where she is carrying out research on people-plant interactions in the exceptionally dry micro-climates of the humid tropics, which were also the hearths of major early Buddhist cultures.

Recent Research Articles

Books and Monographs

Satingpra I, the Environmental and Economic Archaeology of South Thailand. British Archaeological Reports (BAR), Oxford in association with the
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore, 1983, xxiii+381 pp., 66 figs. &. pls. [Translated into Thai, Silapakorn University, Dept. of Archaeology, 1985].

Histoire du paysage, archéologie et télédétection. [History of the Landscape, Archaeology and Remote Sensing], Co-author with Jacques, C., M.
Terrasse. J. Legorgeu. Paris, EPHE/CNRS, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes IV, 1988, 98 pp., 12 figs, 19 pls.

The Ancient Pyu of Burma. Vol. I, Early Pyu Cities in a Man-Made Landscape. PACSEA, Cambridge, in association with ISEAS, Singapore,
(hardcover) December 1990, (paperback) April 1991, xxix + 436 pp., 135 figs., 32 pls. [Translated into Japanese, University of Tokyo, Faculty of Letters,
Graduate Programme in South East Asian History, 1993; translated into Burmese, University of Yangon (Rangoon), Faculty of Arts, Department of
Archaeology, 1994].

Tracing Thought through Things: the Earliest Pali Texts in the World and their Background in the Early Buddhist Archaeology of India and Burma.
Seventh Annual Gonda Foundation Lecture 1999 [revised and expanded]. Amsterdam, Monograph of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
2000, 60 pp., 23 figs. & pls.

Common Pool Resources - Developing Management Strategies that Can Benefit the Poor. Bankground Paper (with co-authors) for the Natural Resources Systems
Programme Workshop, October 2001, University of York, 98 pp.

Nearing Completion

The Ancient Pyu of Burma. Vol.II, Early Pyu Buddhism, in Cities, Sculptures and Inscriptions. PACSEA, Cambridge in association with ISEAS, Singapore, due 2002.

In Preparation

Satingpra II, the Ancient Cultural Mosaic of South Thailand. PACSEA, Cambridge, in association with ISEAS, Singapore c. 350 pp., 85

Selected Articles (since 1992 only)

'Assimilations reciproques entre le rituel funÈraire autochtone et le bouddhisme en Birmanie ancienne, du 2Ëme s. av. J.C. au 8Ëme s. ap. J.C,' Lecture for the Centenary of the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes V, CollËge de France, 1987, in Le Rituel, vol. II, (eds. Schipper, K. & A.M.Blondeau). Louvain, Peeters, 1992a, pp.89-106, 10 figs.

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6 articles commissioned by the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, translated into Italian in Volumes A and B, of the Enciclopedia Archeologica Italiana, 1997 CD-rom.
'Canals - Far East (Acquadotte)' 6 pp., 7 figs.
'Ananda, temple of (Tempio di)' 3pp., 6 figs.
'Architectonics, structures, South East Asian - (Architettoniche Strutture)' 6 pp., 10 figs.
'Artificial tanks' (Bacine artificiale) 6 pp.
'Beikthano' 3 pp., 9 figs.
'Burma' (Birmania) 6 pp., 16 figs.

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'Don's Diary: Fieldwork in South Thailand,' Cam Magazine, November 2001.

'Die Kunst der Pyu: ein Beitrag zur Fr¸h- und Mittelalterlichen Kulturgeschichte S¸dostasiens,' Public Lecture at the Museum of Indian Art Berlin 2001, in press in Indoasiatische Kunst, due 2002.