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Andrea Moscariello

Andrea Moscariello Andrea Moscariello PhD

Cambridge Quaternary
Department of Geography
University of Cambridge
Downing Place
Cambridge CB2 3EN
England, UK

Phone +31 6 11047887
Fax +44 1223 333392


Research Interests and Current Projects

Andrea Moscariello graduated in 1990 from the University of Turin, in Italy, with a M.Sc. in Geology. He then joined the Italian National Council of Research working on remote sensing applied to geomorphology and sedimentology of fluvial and alluvial fan depositional systems. In 1996 he received a Ph.D. at the University of Geneva , (Switzerland) with a research on lake and glacial sedimentology/chemostratigraphy of Lake Geneva deposits with the aim to reconstruct the palaeonvironmental and palaeoclimatological history of the last 20,000 years. During his stay in Geneva he was also involved in other projects in Italy and Switzerland on sedimentary basin analysis, stratigraphy and seismic investigations. In 1997 he joined the U.S. Geological Survey in Denver, Colorado for a post-doc research on sedimentary processes in continental rift basins with particular emphasis on alluvial fan sedimentary environments. Since 1998 he has actively carried out research projects on lacustrine and fluvial Quaternary sequences with the University of Cambridge, Italian National Council of Research and University of Milan.

Since 1999, together with colleagues from Marseille, Milan, Postdam, he formed the Pianico-Sellere Working Group - PSWG - with the goal to coordinate the research on the the long interglacial lacustrine sequence of Pianico-Sellere (North Italy). The Pianico lacustrine sequence is one of the best preserved and longest Quaternary successions in Europe containing at least 16,000 years of continuous record of varves.
With Cambridge colleagues Drs Phil Gibbard and Chris Jeanes Andrea has studied the sedimentology of the Plio-Pleistocene lacustrine sequence at Leffe in the Italian Pre-Alps. This work, supported by NERC, is now in the process of publication.
In 2000 he started a project on glacial geomorphology and proglacial sedimentation in the Khumbu valley (5200 m, Himalayas, Nepal).

In December 1997 he joined Shell U.K. Exploration and Production in Lowestoft (Suffolk) where he initially worked as Production Geologist for offshore fluvial and aeolian gas reservoirs of Carboniferous and Permian age located several thousands metres below the Southern North Sea.
In September 2000 he joined the New Business and Development Team in Lowestoft as a Reservoir Geologist where he focuses on the exploration and development planning of three major gas discoveries.
Andrea's job in Shell is to utilise geological concepts and knowledge obtained from wireline logs and cores to build complex subsurface 3D reservoir models which can help in the understanding the distribution of hydrocarbon reserves in the subsurface. These models are utilised both to identify new exploration targets, evaluate the correct amount and location of hydrocarbon, define the best targets for production wells and generally, to help to select the optimal options for the development of oil and gas.
From June 2002 Andrea moved to the Shell International Exploration and Production B.V. headquarters in Rijswijk, The Netherlands working as global subsurface business consultant. Since October 2004 Andrea joined the newly formed Integrated Reservoir Analogues Team as senior geologist, working on worldwide subsurface projects requiring reservoir geology expertise.

At the University of Cambridge he is an Affiliated Lecturer in terrestrial sedimentology in the MPhil in Quaternary Science course and the Shell-sponsored Petroleum Geology course for the Earth Science Department.

Since 2002 Andrea is a member of the Committee of Grants-in-Aid programme of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

Recent Research Articles

Moscariello A. Jeans C. and Gibbard, Ph. (2002) - Plio-Pleistocene environmental and climatic changes in the Southern Pre-Alps recorded in the long lacustrine sequence of Leffe (Italy). Journal of Quaternary Sciences (submitted.).

Moscariello A. (2002) - The Schooner Field, Blocks 44/26a and 43/30a, UK Southern North Sea. In: United Kingdom Oil & Gas Fields Commemorative Millennium Volume Ed. by J. G. Gluyas and H. M. Hichens, The Geological Society Memoir, 20, in press.

Moscariello A. Brauer A., and Rossi S. (2001) - The lacustrine record of the Piànico Formation (Piànico-Sèllere Basin, Northern Italy): the state of the art of the research. Journal of Quaternary Sciences (in prep.).

Moscariello A., Marchi L., Maraga F. and Mortara G. (2001) - Alluvial fan activity on the Italian Alps. Sedimentary facies, processes and related hazards. In Martini I.P., Baker V.R. and Garzon G. (Eds ) "Flood and Megaflood Deposits: Recent and Ancient" IAS Special Publication, in press.

Moscariello A. (2000) - Il sito di Piànico-Séllere, punto di riferimento di un interglaciale sudalpino. Congress AIQUA "L'Eemiano ed il Tirreniano in Italia", Museo Civico di Storia Naturale - Verona 12-13 September 2000, pp 3 *.

Moscariello A., Schneider A.M., Benier C., Druart J.-C.(2000) - Holocene sediment record from Lake Geneva, CH: a history of climate, environmental changes and human evolution. Terra Nostra 00/7: 5th ELDP Workshop, Pallanza, 70-76.

Moscariello A. (2000) - Pedofacies in reservoir modelling of low net to gross, barren fluvial sequences. Schooner Fm, Carboniferous SNS. Proceedings of the EAGE 62nd Conference and Technical Exhibition, Glasgow 29 May - 2 June 2000, X-10.

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Ravazzi C. and Moscariello A. (1998) - Sedimentation, paleoenvironmental evolution and time duration of earliest Pleistocene climatic cycles in the 24-56 m FM core interval (Leffe basin, Northern Italy). Mededelingen Nederlands Inst. voor Toegepaste Geowetenschappen TNO - The dawn of the Quaternary - Ed. by Th. van Kolfschoten and Ph. Gibbard 60, 467-489.

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Parise M. and Moscariello A. (1997) - Geologic hazards and relative slope stability on the inactive Slumgullion landslide, Southwestern Colorado. USGS Open File Report 97-706, 16 pp.

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* text in Italian and abstract in English