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Philip Hughes

philip hughes

Philip D. Hughes BSc(Hons) MPhil PhD

School of Environment and Development
Arthur Lewis Building
University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL
England, UK
Phone : +44(0)161 275 7876
Fax : +44(0)161 275 7878

Philip works on Pleistocene glaciation in Mediterranean mountain massifs. This began with his doctoral research for which he worked Pindus Mountains of Epirus, Greece. He began his PhD research in April 2001 funded by a 3-year Cambridge University Domestic Research Studentship supervised by Professor Phil Gibbard (Cambridge) and Professor Jamie Woodward (Manchester). His other interests include the glacial history of the wider Mediterranean, especially the North African Atlas. Philip has also published several papers on glaciation in Wales. Philip submitted and successfully defended his PhD thesis in 2004. He left the QPG in September and joined the Department of Geography, University of Manchester where he held a 2 year Post-doctoral Fellowship and since 2006 he has held a University Lectureship post.


1. The Xeroloutsa moraines near Astraka (2436 m), Mount Tymphi, Greece.

2. A perched glacial boulder on limestone pavement inside of the Stani Grava moraines, Mount Tymphi, Greece.


3. The northern cirques of Mount Tymphi, Greece.
4. A relict rock glacier in the Tsouka Rossa cirque on Mount Tymphi, Greece.


5. Limestone pavement to the south west of Gamila peak, Mount Tymphi, Greece.
6. Moraines in the Vadulakkos valley on Mount Smolikas, Greece. All photographs by Phil Hughes.

Philip specialises in glacial geomorphology, glacial sedimentology and glaciology and their application in reconstructing past glacial environments and associated climates. Other specialisms include pollen analysis and Uranium-series dating. Philip trained at the Open University Uranium Series Facility in Milton Keynes funded by a NERC grant.

Visiting researcher

Simultaneously, Philip Hughes is also a Visiting Scholar in the QPG. He is currently working on the following project:

The glacial history of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, North Africa.

A comprehensive field programme studying the glaciation of the High Atlas of Morocco began in January 2007. A total of six field trips have so far taken place (Jan 2009) and a further series of fieldtrips are planned for 2009. This project is investigating the evidence of Pleistocene glaciation in the High Atlas. Extensive geomorphological mapping has been undertaken in the Jbel Toubkal area and neighbouring mountains. Samples have been taken for 10Be and 3He analyses in order to provide a geochronological framework for the glacial sequence in the High Atlas.

This work is funded by the Thesiger-Oman International Fellowship (Royal Geographical Society - with IBG), the Natural Environment Research Council, the School of Environment and Development at The University of Manchester and the Quaternary Research Association.

Moraines in the High Atlas. The exposure-age of boulders on these moraines are being dated by 10Be and 36Cl dating, in collaboration with Cassandra Fenton at the NERC Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility at East Kilbride. Photographs by Phil Hughes.

manchester Visit Philip's homepage at the University of Manchester.

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