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Phil Gibbard's gallery

This page contains images of Phil in the field or related enterprises. Pictures donated by colleagues and friends.

phil gibbard

Phil describing a section in the Salpausselkä II delta moraine at Vääksyn Betoni site at Vääksy in Finland, 2001.

finland 2004

Helsinki University Geology Master's students at the Hakala site in the Salpausselkä II delta moraine, 2004. From left: Aleksis Karme, Emilia Kosonen, Outi Hyttinen, Kirsi Niemelä, Phil Gibbard (photograph by Aleksis Karme).


Phil reporting to the International Commission on Stratigraphy at the International Geological Congress in Florence in Italy, August 2004.

West Runton


Phil with Part 2 students on the annual field excursion to North Norfolk at Happisburgh on 15.03.05 (Photograph by Roy Marsden).


Four generations of Quaternary scientists: Juha-Pekka Lunkka, Antti Pasanen, Phil Gibbard and Richard West in the field in Suffolk 21.03.07 (photograph by Chris Rolfe).


A scary moment in the field...! (photomontage by Ian Agnew 2006)


nature secondlifesecondlife3


Phil's avatar (in white) presenting his Second Nature lecture on the Second Life website on 25 September 2007. The lecture and report can be viewed at Nature Network report here. Click to enlarged image. A report above reproduced from the Cambridge Student Newspaper Varsity (5.10.07). The lecture can be viewed at Nature Precedings. A news report can be seen on the University of Cambridge's News and Events page 'Virtual first as Cambridge logs on to a life less ordinary'. See also Chalk face report on page - "Cool huh?".

For further discussion concerning the impact of Second Life in British Higher Education and Further Educational institutions, please go to the Eduserv pages from where detailed Snapshots of Second Life use in UK HE and FE reports can be downloaded.


Raised-beach sediments on the coastal cliffs at Fermanville, Cotentin, France with Edgard Laville, 26.5.08 (photograph by Dominique Mouaze).


Phil with Jean-Pierre Lautridou at the Tourville-la Rivière quarry in the Seine valley, near Rouen in May 2008 (photography by Nicole Limondin).

groupjuly 2008

Group photograph in July 2008. From left: Kim Cohen, Wim Hoek, Phil Gibbard, Samuel Toucanne, Annelies van Hoesel, Karolina Leszczynska, Paul van der Vegt, student, Freek Busschers (photograph by Ann Jennison).


Neoproterozoic tillite of the Varanger glaciation, Varangerfjorden, northernmost Norway. 19.08.08 (photograph by J.P.Lunkka)


Phil with Jürgen Ehlers at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof on 28.12.09 (photograph by Ann-Kathrin Ehlers)

Tjörnes 2010

Phil at the Tjörnes cliffs in northern Iceland on 30.07.10 (photograph by Ann Jennison).

Warren Hill 2011

Phil at Warren Hill, Suffolk during the Friends of the Sedgwick Museum excursion on 16.04.11 (photograph by Clive Pickton).


Phil with Jörg Lang and Thijs van Kolfschoten at the Schöningen excavations in northern Germany on 24.05.11 (photograph by Jordi Serangeli).

schoningen 2

Phil with the Schöningen excavation team, including Jordi Serangeli (extreme right) on 24.05.11.


Reunion of the University of Sheffield Geology Special Honours class of 1971 on 18.06.11 at Knott Scar in the Lake District. People, front row: Derek Moss, Mick Harvey, Alison Hunter (nee Knowles), Bettie Higgs (nee Matheson), Patricia Rayment (nee Clark); middle row: Andy Bell, Malcolm Langford, Mike Sarginson, Ken Higgs, Ian Gill, Chris Rowson, Brian Wilson, Emlyn Koster; back row: Chris Denison (Nigel Quickfall), Phil Gibbard. Carboniferous limestone in the background.

Anyksciai 1

Anyksciai 2

Fieldwork with Simonas Saarman (upper picture) and Albertas Bitinas (lower picture) near Anyksciai, in eastern Lithuania, August 2011 (photographs by A.Damusyte).


Phil with Steve Hicock in the Department of Geology, University of Western Ontario, in 1978.


Phil with Chinese colleagues, including Liping Zhou (extreme right), at the Red Clay in Lantian, 17.9.2000 (Photograph by Anu Kaakinen).


Phil with Nigel Woodcock (and Adam Sedgwick) in the Sedgwick Museum, 16.2.12.

meriden 11812nhnbnhvnj

Phil at Meriden Quarry, near Coventry, 10.8.12 (photograph by S.Gibson).

Phil at siccar point

Phil at the classic section Siccar Point, Berwickshire (note hammer), 1.08.12 (photograph by Ann Jennison).

sugworth 1972

Phil (in the centre) with Fred Shotton, Charles Turner and behind him, Richard West at the Sugworth Farm excavations (bridge pier construction site Sugworth Lane) 1972. (Photograph from Bowen, D.Q. 1977 Geographical Magazine).

westrunton 14413

Phil with Richard West at West Runton, Norfolk on 14.4.13. (Photograph by A.Bitinas).

webchatscience live

Phil on Science webchat on 19.04.13. Phil joined Bruce Smith from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, USA, for a Science Live web chat discussion entitled 'Archaeologists say that the 'Anthropocene' is here - but it began long ago. The discussion can be viewed on the Science website and YouTube.

siccar pen

Geological Time Scale pen at the classic section Siccar Point, Berwickshire showing Hutton's unconformity (photograph by Geertjan Vis, 2013). The souvenir chart pen was specially produced for the International Commission on Stratigraphy.


Participants at the Second ASQUA meeting Ulan-Ude / Baikal, Siberia, 9-15 September 2013.

Ghent 14

Phil presenting his lecture following the award of the 2014 André Dumont Medal by Geologica Belgica at Ghent University on 1 April 2014. The medal was presented by the President Sara Vandyke.


Phil and Jürgen Ehlers in Hamburg on 15 July 2014.


Phil with Kristine Asch (BGR) and Jürgen Ehlers in Hamburg on 15 July 2014.

rgw+plg shelford 2014

Phil with Richard West - lunchtime at The Square and Compass, Great Shelford, 13 August 2014 (photograph by K.Cohen)


SEQS stratigraphy working group meeting at BOKU Vienna on 14 December 2014. From left to right: Guzel Danukalova, Jean-Pierre Lefort, Mauro Coltorti, Leszek Marks, Phil Gibbard, Wim Westerhoff, Natalia Gerasimenko, Charles Turner, Markus Fiebig. Photograph by Pierluigi Pieruccini.

PhilCroll medal QRA

Phil awarded the prestigious James Croll Medal 2014 by Quaternary Research Association at the QRA's 2015 Annual Discussion Meeting in Edinburgh on 6 January 2015 by the President, Professor Peter Coxon. (photograph by Kim Cohen).

le volcan18215

Dinner at the restaurant Le Volcan in Paris 18 February 2015, with Jürgen Reitner (Austria), Kristine Asch (BGR), Zomenia Zomeni (Cyprus), Aarnio Kotilainen (Finland) and PG.


Group photograph of the participants at the CONOSC meeting at Driebergen, Utrecht, the Netherlands on 19 March 2015.


Phil at Elm looking at real (Triassic) geology 1 August 2015 (photograph by Kristine Asch)


Phil at Schöningen 2 August 2015 (photograph by Kristine Asch).


Group photograph of the Joint ICS-NSF Workshop in Graz, Austria, in July 2015 (photograph by Kerstin Lehnert).


Cryoturbation and solifluction of bedrock and glacial regolith, White Strand at Cahersiveen, SW Ireland, 23 May 2016 (photograph by Mike Sarginson). Taken during the University of Sheffield, Class of 71, 45th Reunion Excursion, Ireland.

realrocks Ire

Inspecting 'real rocks', siltstones and fine-grained sandstones of the Drom Point Formation, Clogher Strand, SW Ireland 24 May 2016. From l. to r., Chris Rawson, Ken Higgs, Andy Bell, Mike Sarginson and Phil Gibbard. (photograph by Derek Moss). Taken during the University of Sheffield, Class of 71, 45th Reunion Excursion, Ireland.


Stan Finney (retiring chair ICS), Kim Cohen and Phil Gibbard on the IUGS stand at the 35th International Geological Congress, Cape Town, South Africa on 28 August 2016.


Extant Mammammut and minimammut discovered by Phil Gibbard at Besenhorster Sandberge und Elbsandwiesen, Geesthacht, near Hamburg, 26 December 2016 (photograph by J.Ehlers)!


Phil on the 'Tegenlicht' programme 'Tijdperk van de mens' by VPRO television broadcast on Sunday 29 January 2017. Phil's biography in Dutch language.


Phil with Part 2 students at West Runton on 13 March 2017 (photograph by A.J. Stuart)


Mini-reunion of the University of Sheffield Geology 'Class of '71' at Nottingham's Oldest Pub in England on Sunday 3.09.2017. People, back row: Alison Hunter, Chris Denison, Bettie Higgs, Chris Rowson, Malcolm Langford, Paddy and Mike Sarginson, John Hunter; front row: Phil Gibbard, Kathy Denison, Ken Higgs.


Kristine Asch and Phil Gibbard discussing the International Quaternary Map of Europe project at BGR, Hannover, 29 June 2018.

Pictures from Phil Gibbard's retirement symposium meeting 10.9.2018

philsymposium 2018

Group photograph (click for full-sized version). More pictures.

retirement dinner18Finns

Phil's retirement dinner 10.9.18 Phil with Finnish friends, Veli-Pekka Salonen, Juha Pekka Lunkka, Phil, Anu Kaakinen, Matti Saarnisto and Pippa Saarnisto.

will jamie and phils

Phil's retirement dinner 10.9.18 Phil with the 'Manchester team', Will Fletcher, Jamie Woodward and Phil Hughes.


Jürgen Ehlers, Kristine Asch and Phil Gibbard discussing the International Quaternary Map of Europe project in Cambridge, 11 September 2018.

Brodtener Ufer Mammoth Event

Another mammoth encounter - the 'Brodtener Ufer Mammoth Event' north Germany (picture by Jürgen Ehlers 2018)


Phil speaking at the Anthropocene Working Group meeting in Mainz, 6.09.2018.

Leiden 8/3/2019

Lars van den Hoek Ostende, Phil and Francien Dieleman at University of Leiden 8.03.2019.


Phil on an excursion in East Anglia in 1988 (photograph by Allan Ashworth)


Coffee break at Middelburg NL and B with Kim Cohen and Vanessa Heyvaert 2016.

groepphotoukraine 2001

Group photograph SEQS excursion to Ukraine 2001 (photograph T.van Kolfschoten).

Strati 2019 medal ceremony

ICS Medal presentation at the STRATI 2019 Congress in Milano, Italy 4 July 2019. (from left: Professor Shuzhong Shen - winner of the ICS medal, Professor Dave Harper - chair ICS, Professor Stan Finney - Secretary General IUGS, Professor Phil Gibbard - winner Digby McClaren Medal and Secretary General ICS).

STRATI 2019 group photograph

PLG Skye 1971

Undergraduate Phil on the Isle of Skye, western Scotland, Easter 1971 (photo by M.Sarginson)

Manchester 17 May 2022

Phil with Jamie Woodward, Will Fletcher and Phil Hughes, Manchester 17.05.22.

Deuqua Potsdam 22

Phil with Susan Ivy-Ochs and Jürgen Ehlers at the 2022 Deuqua meeting, in Potsdam 26.09.22 (photograph by Jürgen Reitner).

Yunus Baykal thesis examiners 23

Yunus Baykal thesis examiners at Uppsala University 13.06.23. From left: Thomas Stevens (supervisor), Abi Stone, Christopher Zdanowicz (second supervisor), Malin Kylander, Yanus Baykal, Stefan Wastegård, Phil Gibbard, Jorijntje Hendericks.

Erle and PG

Phil with Erle Ellis at The Perch pub, near Oxford on Saturday 9.9.23 (photograph by Erle Ellis).

Coniacian GSSP

Dedication ceremony for the base-Coniacian Stage (Upper Cretaceous) GSSP at Salzgitter-Salder, Lower Saxony on Tuesday 19 September 2023. From left, Kristine Asch, Maria Rose Petrizzo and Phil Gibbard.

Phil with Fred Shotton 1973

Phil, on the right, talking to the late Professor Fred Shotton (University of Birmingham) at the temporary bridge roadwork construction site on the Oxford Bypass, Sugworth Lane, Berkshire in 1973. Photograph by Professor Peter Worsley.