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Becky Briant PhD

Becky Briant

Department of Geography
King's College
University of London
England, UK

Phone +44 20 7848 2865
Fax +44 20 7848 2287

Current Position

Becky was appointed from September 2003 to a lectureship at King's College, University of London.

She is currently also working with Dr Martin Bates (University of Wales, Lampeter) on a project funded by English Heritage under the Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund. This project, entitled 'The Palaeolithic Archaeology of the Sussex Hampshire Corridor' seeks to understand the geological context of the rich archaeological heritage of this area. Artefacts have been found in both fluvial and marine sediments, and the project aims to study these in greater detail, lithologically tracing and dating sediment bodies.

Becky was awarded a Ph.D. entitled 'Fluvial responses to rapid climate change in Eastern England during the last glacial period' in December 2002. Before this, she undertook Masters research at Royal Holloway, University of London, working on 'Pre-glacial Quaternary sediments from Trimingham, North Norfolk, England' .

Research Interests

Becky is interested in Pleistocene landscape evolution at various scales, particularly fluvial system behaviour in response to climate and other external forcing factors. She has particularly focussed on detailed sedimentological description and interpretation, in order to reconstruct changing palaeoenvironments.

The second key strand of this research has been geochronology, particularly the application of the optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating technique to fluvial sediments. This has been carried out in the Godwin Laboratories in Cambridge, and resulted in an unprecedentedly large set of OSL dates.

A final important component has been identification and interpretation of palaeontological assemblages in collaboration with other researchers, for example plant macrofossils, Mollusca, Coleoptera and pollen. This has also involved working with Ian Lawson (now at the University of Aberdeen) on a Protocol for AMS radiocarbon dating of plant macrofossil material .

Throughout her research career Becky has actively participated in both the Quaternary Research Association and the Fluvial Archives Group (FLAG) . Within FLAG, she is particularly involved in Focus 3 'Fluvial Response to Rapid Environmental Change during The last two interglacial-glacial cycles'. 

Recent research articles

Recent conference presentations

January 2003

"Catchment-scale fluvial system responses to climate change: the Welland catchment, Fenland Basin, England."

Talk: Quaternary Research Association Annual Discussion Meeting, Newcastle.

September 2002

"Fluvial responses to rapid climate change in eastern England during the last glacial period. "

Talk: Fluvial Archives Group Biennial Meeting, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

September 2001

"Inter-calibration of OSL and radiocarbon dates from Devensian fluvial sediments in the Welland catchment, Lincolnshire, U.K."

Poster: UK Luminescence and ESR Seminar, Glasgow.

April 2000

"Trimingham (TG 277391 - TG274393): pre-glacial coastal sands, gravels and organic muds" (with J. Rose & N.P. Branch).

Field discussion: QRA Annual Field Meeting, Norwich.

March 2000

"Periglacial fluvial systems in NW Europe during Marine Isotope Stages 4 and 3" (with J. van Huissteden and P.L. Gibbard).

Talk: Fluvial Archives Group (FLAG) Biennial meeting, Mainz.

July 1999

"Fluvial responses to rapid climate change in the last glacial period in southern Britain" (with P.L. Gibbard).

Poster: International Union for Quaternary Research Congress, Durban.

Forthcoming research articles